Saturday, February 18, 2006

Teenage liberation - one beautiful story

Totaly radical book. There's one especially beautiful story that i recommend to anyone who likes fruit or has ever gone to school (or both)The whole story is here. Here's the first paragraph:

On a soft green planet, a smiling baby was born in an orchard resplendent with every kind of fruit in the universe. The baby's parents called her Tanika, and Tanika spent her days roaming the warm wet ground on hands and knees. Spotting a clump of gulberries off in the distance, she'd crawl after it and crush the sweet fruit in her mouth, red juice staining her brown chin and neck. A muavo would fall fatly from the high crown of the muavo tree, and she'd savor its golden tang. Each day revealed new wonders--bushapples, creamy labanas, the nutty crunch of the brown shrombart. The orchard's fruit sparkled in the dew and sun like thousands of living moist jewels against the green fragrance of cushioning leaves.
by Grace Llewellyn
First recommended to me by Orian. Thanks!!

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Hellman Jackson said...

The kid has brown teeth. That's kinda gross.