Thursday, August 17, 2006

Car smashes store in wyoming

Driving down us 14 in wyoming a minivan smashed right through the front of a small store front.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

My first and only fan

So im at pepperdine and i walk into a room where a lecture had just finished and this kid is like "holy crap are u jay silverman"? Turns out he had stumbled upon my website years ago he's been reading it and knows everything about me. So i hereby declare dustin my first (and only) fan. I felt line me like a celebrity but only with one person.

Chantal's CD Reconnaissance Mission Movie

So Kyle has had Chantal's CDs for a long time. When I told her on the phone that I was going to visit Kyle before visiting her, she decided to send me on a dangerous and wily mission to ninja the CDs while he was in the bathroom. The movie that follows is a dramatic reinactment of the events that transpired.

CD Ninja MOVIE (20 MB wmv)