Thursday, June 08, 2006

Pedro's africa shop at south o.t. Border

These flags will in perfect with my traditional african mask. South of the Border is this tourist trap on northern border of South Carolina. We were so bored on our drive that we had a lot of fun there.

Interstate Bike Riding

I think it's illegal to ride your bike on the interstate, which is pretty rediculous. Kudos man

Alt 17 in south cacalacky

Got off I-95 cause i couldn't take the interstate any more. Now i'm riding by churches and corn fields. Interstates are "non places". We stopped at a rundown gas station. It was bad vibes all the way around. To go with the vibes they had more flavors of mad dog 20/20 than I knew even existed. Then in the coolers were single sipup packs of kool aid and a sign that I saw through the cracked glass of one cooler door said "sam's cola 3 for $1.2T" which I couldn't figure out if they meant $1.27 or literally "a dollar twen T".

On our way

Camped at blythe island park in ga. On our way to yogaville.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

My new movie about food - watch

Here is the latest draft of my new movie - "Where does my food come from?"

Where does my food come from? (.MP4 60MB)