Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Update on Our Domestic Ecosystem

So much happening in my home ecosystem. Let's get started!
I can't believe a neon yellow mushroom popped up in my palm tree. It's totally a volunteer. It looks a little washed out in the picture, but it was a deeply saturated yellow.

Yesterday it had its cap down like an ubrella. This morning it raised its cap to almost flat.

This awesome mousy wandered into our green acrylic mouse trap. She was lured by chocolate and flax seed cracker. We let her go with one last survival meal under a bush.

Round two, ding! Another awesome round of fighting between our Cryptolaemus Montrouzieri (or "mealy bug destroyers") and our mealy bugs. Check out the baby mealy bug right behind the monsterous destroyer

Man let's hear it for the Cryptolaemus again, they're so cute!

The jade's looking healthier now that we moved it to the south facing window. I thought there was a spider egg sack in the dirt, but it was only styrofoam'ish soil-stuffs. But I did see our pet spider crawling on it the day before.

Even though it doesn't really count since it was outside my window... look at this massive organism that came from the direction of the Charles River right after the fireworks were over on July 4th. Sitting by the window watching this superorganism walk by for an hour made us feel like we were in a parade, but instead of us moving the crowd moved.

but even though these guys are outside the window, I do officially consider them to be part of our home. After a hiatus for the winter, the wasps are back building their nest again on our window. Any votes for this year's signage? (last year's signage said !!!WARNING!!! Please don't wash this window, it contains our experimental nest of hornets, we love them, thank you)

Sorry to all the life forms that didn't get a shoutout this time, maybe if you do something cute you can be included next time.

Suggestion taken from Todd Eddie in the comments:

another update!! by popular request... a video of the mealy bug destroyers


jodi said...

I love the ecosystem in our house! Don't forget about the fairies.

Todd Eddie said...

the styrofoamish stuff is most likely perlite. don't grind it up and breath it. how about this for the sign:

If you can read this you are too close to our pet wasps. Please do not disturb Wendell and Darcy or their babies.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff have a very busy household. Loved the video...did you add the sound? Your whole place looks so nice these days...I was very impressed w/my visit...I know who needs to get a lot of the only daughter!

Ground Chuck said...

Those little bugs are going to town! Your blog is always great. I never got a chance to say congrats on your marriage. Very cool. I wish you two the best! -Tall Chris