Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I went to Yogaville a couple of years ago, and I just read my journal again today. After reading and reflecting on how my life has changed since then, I can see how big of an impact it had on me.

Read Yogaville Journal

I also went to Yogaville a second time for a farm internship, so I hope to write about that sometime soon too.


Saraswati Rosenberg said...

I remember you and Jodi (aka Saraswati)! We loved having you both here at Yogaville. Thanks for your sweet tribute to our heaven-on-earth ashram. Come back any time -- we'd be thrilled to see you again.

OM shanthi,
Saraswati R.

Angela said...

Oh!I know how you feel.I came to Yogaville in June of 2007 as a Lyt,and I love it so much I decide to live there.I got a job with Buckingham County School ,and rented a trailor for the ashram.I didn't get to live there long because I had a stroke.I enjoyed for the little time I was there.I love my yogaville family.

Poorna said...

Jay, I came across your yogaville blog while researching native american tribal presence in this area. Random, huh? I was born and raised in Yogaville, moved to NYC at 17 then moved back at 23 after living in various parts of the world. I REALLY enjoyed your commentary and photos. I loved the way that you explained things in a casual and yet very accurate way. It was so bizarre and WONDERFUL to see my home explored and documented in this way. I hope I see you next time you're in the hood.
Peace and love,

Theresa said...

I was looking into a retreat at Yogaville on-line and wanted some "outide" information, I so clicked on your blog. The photos and commentary are really well organized and enlightening. Thanks for sharing!


Sharon said...

I am applying to Yogaville. Thank you. I enjoyed it very much.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting. I did my "TT" there in 2007 and it literally changed my life for the better. It was the most profound and cleansing experience. Thanks for reminding me of its power through your beautiful photos and words.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the inspiring look into Yogaville and sharing a part of your own journey so sweetly.

Anonymous said...

Loved your story and photos from your experience at Yogaville. I lived there for a year 1985-86 as an IY minister. I also found it a holy experience. Love and blessings to you and your family - Shuchi - Susan Helene Kramer

Pam said...

I enjoyed your story and thankyou.I am enjoying growing my own organic food in California and doing some yoga practice too. You and Jodi helped me do a stand on your head pose in cape canaveral. I am also interested in pujas and had one in my home here with a fire. It is very transforming. Still struggling with my ego but practicing some meditation I learned from Amma. Thanx for sharing about yogaville,sounds beautiful. Namaste...Pamela Ruddick

paul walkswithwolves said...

i am a cherokee nativeamerican ive done pow-wows in virginia and they do not like cherokees i used to live in cumberland virginia and ive been through yogaville we also dont get along well with the memonites and i dont understand why they dislike us we the cherokee people were farmers as well we lived in log cabins in the days of old not tee-pees like people make us out to be we are not savages we worship the same creator you do we do not worship other gods like hollywood makes us out to be like sungods and moongods we do not we have only one creator that is god himself peoples belief of native americans are what people and holly says western plains natives did live in tee-pees we did not the cherokees lived in cabins lived off the land so why doesnt the virginia indians and the memmonites like us we the native people should pull together and make this the united states better for our children so our native children shouldnt have to live in proverty like we do better schools and yes every nation should stick with teaching our children our native tongue or language i will say yogaville is pretty but i have one wife and one wife only and i dont believe in sleeping with some one elses wife or even asking these are things im told about yogaville anyone wants to write me on this matter my e-mail is to me that is lust for someone elses woman or anything they have please let me know if someone was to come to my wife and ask her that to me its time for a scalping party if this is true i am very protective over my wife please write back i know yogaville has a christian background but i do not agree with what i was told about yogaville sounds almost like a mormon with 8 wives i only need one wife not sleep with a bunch thank you walkswithwolves im a native american and is this true what i hear i live in georgia now wado/sgi