Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Novartis, Stop It

Today, valentine's day, we presented the CEO of Novartis with the Broken Heart Award for greed in response to Novartis' legal move to stop Indians from getting AIDS medicine. The legal issue involves a patent, but practically speaking it's an issue of life versus corporate profit. Check out the video.

Flickr photos are posted here

After we got home from the demonstration, I immediately edited the video and posted it on You Tube. An organizer from Philadelphia called me and helped me revise the video. Same day I posted a second version, and this version, along with the still photos, went out to press right away. So far I only know of one site that has reposted the video, Some people were pretty surprised to learn that I filmed it on a Canon digital still camera and edited it in Movie Maker. I don't like to use fancy tools if they slow me down. Gotta get the video up and running.

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Anonymous said...

Once again Jay, good job! Hard to believe they want to cut AIDS help to ANYONE, never mind a GROUP!And American Indians? Are we still trying to wipe them all out? Outragous.Major TV networks and NEWS should be made more aware of this. Go for it, you are always on the side of LIFE and the right side. Go git 'em!!