Sunday, November 19, 2006

The world is a triangle

The world may be flatter than it used to be in terms of business or travel, but I still see it as round. Whenever I talk to tech support on the phone I always wonder where they are from and what their lives are like (and I ask them) since most companies outsource to countries far away. I was getting help from an AOL tech online for my dad's computer, and the guy was using a curious form of English so I asked where he was from and the answer was terrifying:
9:14:40 AM Tofueater - may i inquire as to where you are from?

9:15:13 AM AOLTechMPS - When you initiate a Live Help session with the Technical Department, you are connected to a consultant working in one of several locations. This process allows us to minimize delays in responding to your needs and allows us to work around the clock.

9:15:23 AM AOLTechMPS For security reasons, AOL has a policy of not disclosing our member support locations. Thank you for your understanding that I cannot release that information.

9:15:30 AM AOLTechMPS - Is there anything else I can assist you with at this time?

9:15:41 AM Tofueater - you mean you can't even tell me what half of the globe you are on?

9:16:40 AM AOLTechMPS - For security reasons, I am unable to disclose the information. I hope you understand :)

Not only is she dehumanized in name, but it would seem that she is unable to discuss anything remotely personal at all. Perhaps I should have asked what types of books she liked or whether she supported the war on terror.

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Anonymous said...

I did some research, and found out there are 17 tech. supporters for AOL living in a 2 bedroom apt. in Brooklyn. Off duty taxi drivers man the phone lines.If there is no answer to your question in their 'book' they have you re-load AOL to your system, and that will fix anything! They can't tell you where they are because they are all illegal aliens that are chained to the desktop where they work for slave