Friday, September 29, 2006

antiwater - i solved a $M problem

You know how they have those problems in math that people will offer you a million dollars if you can solve them? Well I think I just solved one of them. You know how when you're in the bathroom and someone's in the shower and then they throw water at you over the curtain? And you know how you look around frantically for the perfect anti-water to throw back at them over the curtain? But you can't throw regular water back at them cause they're already wet. So you might think you could throw ice water at them and that kind of works if they're taking a warm shower. But it's not the perfect anti-water to throw. You might think you can reach in and tickle the person, or if your shower curtain is really dirty you could push the shower curtain in at them if they're easily grossed out. But that's not the perfect antiwater either. So you feel stuck. What can you do? I think it must be one of those million dollar problems. Well this morning I found the answer. Jodi threw water at me over the curtain, and I teared off some pieces of toilet paper, big long ones, and threw them over the curtain. It clogged up the drain and she was sooOOOooOoo mad. And, toilet paper is dry, so it's the perfect antiwater. I think though, maybe, that it's only one antiwater in a space of antiwaters, so I await your other antiwater ideas.

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Anonymous said...

I think you have the perfect antiwater response. Scott and I used to pour ice water over the top, but yours is much better. TP sticks all over you and everything. You could add to the mess by pouring a few glugs of bubble bath into the tub, it'll still bubble up like krazy from the shower stream, and w/the TP blocking the drain it'll really bubble up good. Whatcha' think?