Thursday, July 20, 2006

cancer is CELLFish

I was reading this book by Satyananda Saraswati. It starts talking about cancer, and goes into the normal stuff that we all know about how cancer starts with a cell gone wild, multiplying, hogging up all the nutrients, and being careless with its wastes. Then it says something pretty profound:

"Cancer starts when a single wayward cell begins to live for itself alone."


Anonymous said...

Hi Jay! Plesae tell me the book this amazing quote is in. Hey, now you have two fans. I saw your page on Yogaville lat night and was touched by your words and photos. We loved having you and Jodi (Saraswati) there. You are each delightful to be around! You might remember me, I'm another Saraswati and I was dealing with breast cancer when you were there. So I'd love to read this book you mention here. Give my love to Saraswati and please, both of you come visit Yogaville again. Jai Jay!
OM shanthi,

jay said...

Hello Other Saraswati. I wish I could write back to you directly! But I don't know your email. The book is called "Yoga and Cardiovascular Management" and it discusses cancer specifically in chapter 12. I bought the book in a spiritual bookstore in the city of Montreal two years ago. If you tell me your address I can mail it to you for you to read. I hope your eyes cross this page -- if not I'll try to remember to bring it to Yogaville some day.

OM, Love Jay