Thursday, June 08, 2006

Alt 17 in south cacalacky

Got off I-95 cause i couldn't take the interstate any more. Now i'm riding by churches and corn fields. Interstates are "non places". We stopped at a rundown gas station. It was bad vibes all the way around. To go with the vibes they had more flavors of mad dog 20/20 than I knew even existed. Then in the coolers were single sipup packs of kool aid and a sign that I saw through the cracked glass of one cooler door said "sam's cola 3 for $1.2T" which I couldn't figure out if they meant $1.27 or literally "a dollar twen T".


Anonymous said...

You got that right. The only thing interstates are good for is getting from one place to another in a real HURRY!! And what's the hurry? Scenery is more
important. Groove while you go... Guitta' stop and smell the cornfields, I mean the roses. xxoo dad

Anonymous said...

by the way, they pay 15 cents a can for Sam's sodas...and you're so funny to try to figure if $1.2T=
one tewn-T or if thet meant $1.27...broke me up!! If it's one tewn-T ($1.20) Uncle Tim would even bust up over that one!